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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

FreSh Day ♥ FreSh BleSSings ♥ Fresh CoFFee ♥

Good Morning ♥ I prominsed eVeryThing would be wonDerFul toDay & it is!!  Thank God for freSh beGinninngs--God LoVes us ♥  Our worLd isn't what I imagine to be fanTasTic at this moment, but it's fanTasTic that our God is!!!His LoVe oVerShaDows all eLse ♥
I've been shoWing you pics of jewelry I made a coupld of years ago that I still have for saLe.  SinCe I've not eVer gone out to really *show* it [usually sell right here at home] I thought this was a way I could share it & maybe Y'all would be interested. This neCkLaCe is all about LOVE--[lock & key] ♥ [typeWriter letter L] ♥ [dictionary definition of LOVE].  Take a cLose look to see all the deTails.  It sells for $28--free shipping ♥
 My friends have been Very supportiVe of all my endeavors so far.  I don't know what I'd do with them!  The worLd has forgotten the little deTails in liFe that matter the most [not all have]..*FriendShip* [true-stick by ya thru it all] is hard to find these days.  My husBand & I are BleSSed ♥ This Faithful Friend sells for $20
We are happy with our small cirCle of friends..they keep life fresh & we neVer lack coFFee!  Speaking of coffee ♥ it's that time to go meet my friends & share a whoLe pot!  This braCeLet sells for $10 free shipping.

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