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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wierd Maps

I just got off the phone with a young friend of mine who's traVeling alone tonight.  All she has is a map she printed off mapquest.  I can onLy imagine how's she's feeLing. [did I mention in the dark?]  Those maps kinda look like these tree limbs huh?  Not really?  But when you're  the driver surrounded by thoussands (it seems) of automobiles going 90 mph  you might!  I trust God yet I'd still be in {{panic}} mode!
I'll be saying Good Night now....wiSh I had some fantastic creation [jewelry] to show you but unfortunately I didn't complete anything toDay. [took wierd photos]   AW but the simpLe creations of God in nature make me happy.  This might not be a road map for people, but maybe it's one for the birds ♥ 

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