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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2 Months to get *CreaTiVe*

Good afternoon~~~continueing to show you how I can get carried away thinking of what to do for Madi
This is almost all of it

This is a mobil made from one of my dad's wooden hangers.  "What was I thinKing?" I just can't stop because idea keep going round & round my mind!
Round & Round are these used CDs that I deCided to aLter [telling the story of the Easter beFore.]
An oLd fence board, shoe laCe & pillow ticiNg rounded out the staSh I had for her EasTer 2010 ♥

Just like all chiLdren, Madi didn't want to poSe for a pic~~she wanted *canDy*  NOW "what am I gonna come up with this year?" Thoughts are going round & round~gLad I have 2 months to compLete whatEver♥

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