I deSign with JOY

Thursday, April 28, 2011

SomeDay s00n ♥

I"ve strived to be *U*nique for years when I really didn't have to strive!  I am *U*nique & so are *U*.  We are each one-of-a-kind aren't we?  I like considering mySelf to be  rare~~don't *U*?  I might be slightly strange someTimes, but that's OK~I am who I am & what you see is what you get!  Ha!  "Told you I'm a lil 0DD"

I read a Blog tonight written by someOne I barely know, yet I feel as tho I've known her many years.  She writes from her heart & I feel a connection with her because of her sharing honestly & considerately.  She shares her beautiful jewelry deSigns & tid bits of info that anyONe can use.  She doesn't put on [I can tell] 
SomeDays I'd like to sit here & type exactly what's on my heart & I chicken out every time! Not that I'm upset with anyOne in BlogWorld, I"d just like to *VENT*.  I'd love to share some *U*nique true stories, some things that bother me, some words of wisdom from the Bible, some situations needing advice, some etc. etc. stuff *U* know?
For now, because I've lost the use of my desktop I'll remain silent~&~ hopefully in the near future I'll again post some *U*nique pictures to go along with WhaTeVeR I have to say~OK?   Marilyn ♥

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Good afternoon~~it's very tragic but I've lost all downloaded  pics on my desktop!  There aren't enuff hours in the day to keep up with everything I'd like to get done.  So I thought Id just drop in & share what's on my heart so Y'aLL know I'm still here.
Without *faith* *family* & *friends* I don't know what I'd do right now.  It's not just the computer crash it's a lot of unforeseen stuff we're going thru-->>>>>>>that's right
*GOING THRU*>>>>>>>>>>

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colorful Day Ahead-->>>

Good Morning YaLL~~aren't these babies adorabLe???
L@@King at this picture really maDe me smiLe.  They are part of a resCue called *SweetPups* [very appropriate name~don't you think?]  Dogs are being killed before their life even begins or  [bless their heats] ended after much abuse or negLect.  They need *forever homes*  The photographer did a fatastic job ♥

This picture is my inspiration of the day~~[not the puppies~Ha!] I'd love to have them but we have enuff with the ones we have right now.  Maybe someDay we'll  consider adopting more. I'm talking about the colors & the flowers & the happy feeling I get when  L@@king at the picture. 
I pLan to be creative today ♥ "What are you pLanning?" 


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fiesta? I WiSh!!!!

L@@King within again toDay~~there's always something that tries to preVent it!!
Yesterday I stepped on my gLasses & YES I need them.
Staying caLm is not aLways eaSy but for now, I'll go get some reaDers.

L@@KING for my heLp in all the right pLaCes means "NeVeR giVing In ~aLways HoPing"

With Easter approaching, I'm sorta buSy getting stuff done so NO time to waste "Dollar Store here I come"  

Monday, April 11, 2011

*JOY* JunK

Good Morning~~ToDay, I'm gonna en*JOY* just beCauSe ♥
I found some of my daddy's stuff in the shed oVer the weeKend & couLdn't resist creating this sign.  I saw one simiLiar [created by a genius Blogger] so I thought I'd reCreate her iDea. I have no cLue what these things are but it works for me ♥
Life is all about deTails & we can either enJOY them or disregard them.  I chooSe eaCh day to be grateful & know that *JOY* must come from within.  Granted~what surrounds us can make us smiLe automatically.  Then there are days when it's a choiCe we muSt maKe. 
I was thriLLed to find my dad's stuff [been hidden away 20+ years] Sure maDe me {{smiLe}}.  So actuaLLy I found *JOY* from within [remembering] & created *JOY* in my siGn ♥
♥ You should maKe one of your own ~~IF *U*r a JUNK LoVer liKe me ♥

Friday, April 8, 2011

*HiDing pLaCeS*

Good evening Y'aLL~ no dusting today!!  Got this altered bottleCap in the mail to my Swap-bot partner. She likes oLd buttons, stars, rusty stuff & bLing.  She sounds like me.  Ha! Maybe she's a collector~~[???]
I can't hide the fact that I like stuff [all kinds of stuff]
To *EGG*pLain a lil bout me~~when others did their kitchen in geeSe, I did mine in chicKens.  When chicKens got popular I started collecting cocaCola.  We moved here from La. & I wasn't gonna unpack all this, but I just couldn't help mySelf. WiSh my kitchen wasn't off white but I reFuse to take all this down to paint~~"Ever wish someOne would come & take everyThing down & redeSign for you???"  I DO!!
Don't even ask about dusting up there~~Ha!~~ IF I EVER [I think I'll pack it all up] The *hunt* for oLd coKe stuff was fun till it really became a collectable [in my area].  I really should pick out the be§t of it all, dust & put the rest away -->>>>give it away????

I just know there are dust bunnies hiding up there~I don't want to disturb them so I'm gonna touch anyThing

Dusting Memory LaNe is *egg*hausting

You just can't imagine the memories held in this cabinet!!  Some things actually belonged to my mom & Aunts~~the other stuff I've found here & there. I love seeing this stuff because I think of thoSe people it belonged to or the experienCe of finding it [the hunt for us collectors is like feeding an addiction-Ha!] I haven't bought anyThing in 2 years ~"Do you think I'm still an addict???"~ HUMM~PROBABLY ♥

♥~Please exCuse the layer of dust~♥
My mom used to freeze gumbo in that Bama jar [too many years ago to count]~~Bought the Tom's Jar around 24 years ago at a garageSale for $3.00.  The drip coffee pots were my mom's & grandma's.  I collected these coffee cans & a few more myself [we drink a lot of coffee around here so I thought it appropriate to collect cans] Ha!  Love the Maryland Club~[me=Marilyn] 

Dusting is a real chore around here, but a pLeasant one if I approaCh it in the right attitude ♥
I decorate a little different than moSt, but I've deCided that we are all *U*nique therefore this is who I am ♥
The *EGG*ceptional part is *EGG*sploring Memory Lane & getting *EGG*cited about still having the ability to remember it all. Ha! I don't have *EGG*quisite taste, but it's *MY* taste ♥
Hope you can see the beauty in my stuff the way I can.  [it's the DUSTING that's *EGG*hausting]
No (yoke) ♥ I am blessed to be surrounded with *U*nique family heirlooms!  God knows what I need! ♥