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Thursday, March 24, 2011

They haVen't noTiced

Hey there Y'aLL~~it's the afternoon aLready.  YesterDay I got carried aWay with taKing pics from my back porCh.  My camera batteries had been dead for a few days & I finally got them charged & back in the camera.  My backyard is nothing to brag about right now [winter did a vicious # on everyThing green] but my little feathery friends have not noTiced.  They're buSy going about their daiLy rouTine.  I admire them ♥
They're coming & going [worKing together ] It's amazing how they just get it done regardLess!
This one seems to be waiting till the other arrives.  *teamWork*  
It eventually flew away & this one landed. Wish I could see inSide cuzz  the neSt is very intricate ~ they've put their hearts into buiLding it. [not to mention their labor]  I'm thrilled that they choSe to neSt in our simpLe houSes no matter what the yard looks like ♥

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Brenda said...

I love this blog... It is so good the pictures you have taken.... enjoying reading each blog.... God bless you...