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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm SHOWING & TELLING (risKy buSiness)

I have done everything imaginable to turn this pic---->>>>>
It's the same as the one beLow so [IDK] I'm learning but ??
Trial & error didn't work this time. (HELP) Ha!

This is the backSide of the envelope along with a vintage postCard I incLuded for my Swap-bot partner. She expressed she liked them so [?]  
 OK---here we go again!!  [IDK about me]  L@@k siDeWays at your oWn risk

I receiVed this ATC from my partner in the Easter ATC (non-religious) Newbie Friendly Swap.  I confess I haven't made mine yet.  [it's not due till April 1st ]   I've got another ATC to deSign as well for a *free theme* Swap so I've got to get busy!!

As I was reading other Blogs this morning I came across one at [coffeepotpeople.blogspot.com]  She posted the decorated envelope she received from her Swap-bot partner.  It was very *U*nique. 
I enCourage you to broaden your horizons by checking out what others have to say & show.  It's kinda like *SHOW & TELL* ♥ Be BraVE & venTure out inTo the worLd of Blog ♥

BeFore I go I want to share the 2 Valentines I reCeived because the first one was truLy SNAILmail.
My Swap-bot partner was kind enuff to send a seCond one.  Didn't she do a terrific job? 
Remember as you go about your daiLy duties ~ to spread as muCh LoVE as you can~~~there's not near enuff LoVe in the worLd toDay.  I L♥VE Y'aLL!

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