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Friday, March 18, 2011

*Hanging* ♥&♥ *Solicitating*

Good Morning Y'aLL---it's a wonDerful dreary day.  I'm *hanging in there* waiting for the sun to riSe or show itSelf from out of the cLouds.  Speaking of *hanging* I just wanted to show you an item that I altered.  It's one like my daddy's key clip.  It wasn't very girLie so I glued a glitzy earring onto it!  Now I haVe my keys *Hanging* on the side of my purse where I can always find them! [[I altered this one to sell.]]  SinCe earrings come in pairs, I couldn't waste the other one~~could I? These key clips were hard to find!
I also thought I'd share the Swap-bot mail I got yesterday.  [decorated envelope (no.2)]  I've got to get mine in the mail tomorrow for my partners.  I've been sideTracked a little laTely because my deSire to deSign jewelry has returned.  I must make a scheduLe so I can get it all done.  Do you have proBlems in deCison maKing like I do someTimes?  There is just so much to-Do~~& get houSeCLeaning done too.  Ha!
 ThereFore, I'm fiXinTa hit the floor running!! 
 *Lead...FoLLow...or Get out of the way*...or HELP ME!!
Hope you enJOY your day ~~I'm gonna get started by meeting my friends for coFFeeTime ♥ didn't sleep well laSt night so coffee is much needed this morning.  [took adVantage of no sleep & prayed tho] ((smile))
The offer still stands:  "Be my guest if you'd like to come oVer & HELP ME! CoFFee is free!!   ♥♥

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