I deSign with JOY

Thursday, March 31, 2011

BLESSED L@@King back & forWard ♥

As this month comes to an end I find mySeLf  feeling *BLESSED*
WE've come thru March with ALL our needs met & L@@King forward to ApriL.
I've set a few goals [with high expections] & I've made a few pLans [by Faith] .
I'm enCouraged knowing there are more BLESSINGS coming~more BLESSINGS to share.
SHARINGing the daiLy duties ♥
Sharing the family home ♥
TheSe two are BLESSED with eaCh other.
Blessing come in all sizes & shapes~~they should neVer be overL@@Ked.
I'm BLESSED to share LiFe with famiLy & friends [incLuding Cloe, Ty, critters outSide & Y'aLL]
♥ See Y'aLL neXt month ♥   

See what I see???

*L@@K what I SEE*
I accidentLy clicked on the picture in my Blogs & disCovered they enLarge!  Clicking again onLY made them enLarge more!  WOW!  Every tiny deTaiL is eXpoSed.  Try it~~OK?
Now I can see my feathery friends upCLoSe~~I'm going check out other pics to see what I can see~~
For an eXampLe~~~cLick on this pic & tell me what you see ♥♥♥  HaVe a great Day ♥♥♥

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


DeCided to go sit on the back porCh [after tending to paperWork all afternoon]  LittLe did I reaLize I was was being bitten by teeny~tiny mosquitos.  Now I type & scratch!!
TyTy is doing well~~seems to be waiting patientLy for a birDie {{to bark}} at it.

This birDie seems to be on *watach*
Wonder what this one is thinKing.  Maybe it's on the l@@kout  too or just getting a bit of freSh air ♥ 

It's very caLm back here this evening.
This one seems to be a bit puzzled. HUH?
CloeCane is stanDing guard!!!

Last but not least is this little fella~~~He's got a lot of food stashed around this tree so I imagine he's about to have supper.
ALL IS WELL on the outSide & now it's time to go inSide~~GOOD NIGHT ♥


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Can you guess??"

Good Evening Y'aLL~~I've been working on this ATC this afternoon..I've enJOYed mySelf  ♥  I choSe to stay inSide to continue re-cooping from chopping the tree down (Saturday) [Ha!] 
I bet you can't tell yet what the theme is for this ATC swap. " Can you guess???" 
How about now???
Should be easy now!!
Here it is~*Easter ATC (non-reLigious) NewBie FriendLy*  
 [now if you'll scroll up you can see the proCess from beginning to end] 
R=rabbit / E=eggs / S=Shaye  Add them toGether spells ATC {{{{giggle}}}}
I read that my partner [Shaye] likes rustic & vintage ~~this is what I've come up with.  Hope she likes it~~"What do you think about it?" Even I have opinions ♥ [too many of them!
Easter is an aweSome holiday & I choose to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.  I still have rabbits as decorations & hide eggs for my granddaughter.   "What do you think about it?"

I enJOY having the eggs hid & an empty basKet waiting for her.  She aLways finds them all [with a little help from her Gramma]    
BTW/ an *ATC* is an [altered trading card].  Swap-bot is *egg*citing this time of year!


"The *road* to success?" is the first thought I had when I loaded this picture.  [funny huh?]
My goal with this post is to remind Y'aLL that all the jewelry you see posted in my Blog is deSigned & handmade by me with stuff that I've gathered for years. 

L@@King back you'll see that everyThing is one-of-a-kind & ranges from neutrals to CoLorFuL~~all *U*nique tho!  It's all FOR SALE~~I'd be happy to anSwer any questions~~you can comment or email me for all the details.  Thanks so muCh ♥♥♥
This is an altered scrabbleTiLe *charm* *penDant* *wHateVer* you deCide it should be.  Wish I had a braceLet full--Ha!  Maybe I'll get started on that beTween everyThing eLse I'm doing~[yea right]~
I aLso wanted to keep you upDated about my little friends in the back yard.  They're buSy about their daiLy routines as usual.  I enJOY watching as they casually come with a tiny treasure in their beek [ready to fly into their home] when all of a sudden they land nearby.  I suspect they hear someThing strange or see someThing out of order so they make the deCison to perCh & watch till the coast is cLear.  They're protecting their neSt!  {what's in the nest to be exact}  They're maKing sure that their young successfuly leaVe home.
"The *road* to success?" [funny huh?]

Monday, March 28, 2011

Why? BeCauSe!

Why?  BeCauSe!
Good AfternoonY'aLL~~I've purposeLy stayed out of my craftroom the last couple of days because I could spend way too muCh time in here.  I get carried away when envolved in a project.  I tend to tune other stuff out [not meaning to]. An hour can easily turn into the whole day.
  Why?  BeCauSe!
 Life is a little tough right now ♥ but ♥ coping comes in different forms. 
One coping mechanism is gathering  *stuff to deSign the unusual*.   Like putting a pirate [school mascot] on a bottleCap with a bird or flower magnet on the reverse. 
Why?  BeCauSe!
WorKing outSide in the yard is another way I cope. Therefore~~out I went! 
Why?  BeCauSe!
Saturday my husband & I cut a major branCh off the biggest tree in our front yard.  I simpLy wanted to rid the tree of some dead branChes that had been hanging there for a couple of years. I thought perHaps a strong wind would've done that for us by now.  Long story short after hours of physical laBor that neither one of us should've been doing, we took down a major branCh [not on purpose] & hauled it away.  Then I decided [as if I wasn't exhausted enuff] to mow the entire yard. 
 Why? BeCauSe!
SunDay [yesterday] is a*blur* I Know I sat out on the swing & watched as the birds went about their daiLy routine.  I tried not to moVe too muCh beCauSe my body didn't approVe.  My husband [who had done moSt of the hard labor] grilled boudain & we ate till we were stuffed!   
Why?  BeCauSe!
ToDay I'm doing everything that I was supposed to do yesterDay plus everyThing that MonDay brings like the waShing.  I also have some "Swap-bot ATCs to deSign toDay. 
Why?  BeCauSe!
If you're wondering why I posted that first picture it's beCause I was sitting on the back steps too tired to get up & thought "I'll take a pic of this flower just BeCauSe it's pretty ♥"


Friday, March 25, 2011

"VoiLa" that's Life

WeLcome to my worLd of Swap-bot onCe again.  *live* *laugh* *L0VE*  This swap was a Free Theme ATC left up to the sender.  The saying says "To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything eLse."  Thank God there's time to laugh & aboVe all Love.  GroWing oLd wouldn't be the same without *LOVE* ~ and  the abiLity to laugh ~ [just thinK about it!] This chiCk seems pretty proud!!!
This ATC was a [quicky] in honor of my partner's cats Ha!  Happy Easter ♥
Now this is the beauty ~as I set my camera down I accidently clicked & VoiLa! So now the whoLe internet worLd knows I have an [acer monitor] & [spiral tabLet]  No matter-->>>>the day seems bright * with God's heLp I'm gonna *LIVE* *LAUGH* *L0VE* toDay beCauSe that's LIFE ♥ 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

They haVen't noTiced

Hey there Y'aLL~~it's the afternoon aLready.  YesterDay I got carried aWay with taKing pics from my back porCh.  My camera batteries had been dead for a few days & I finally got them charged & back in the camera.  My backyard is nothing to brag about right now [winter did a vicious # on everyThing green] but my little feathery friends have not noTiced.  They're buSy going about their daiLy rouTine.  I admire them ♥
They're coming & going [worKing together ] It's amazing how they just get it done regardLess!
This one seems to be waiting till the other arrives.  *teamWork*  
It eventually flew away & this one landed. Wish I could see inSide cuzz  the neSt is very intricate ~ they've put their hearts into buiLding it. [not to mention their labor]  I'm thrilled that they choSe to neSt in our simpLe houSes no matter what the yard looks like ♥

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wierd Maps

I just got off the phone with a young friend of mine who's traVeling alone tonight.  All she has is a map she printed off mapquest.  I can onLy imagine how's she's feeLing. [did I mention in the dark?]  Those maps kinda look like these tree limbs huh?  Not really?  But when you're  the driver surrounded by thoussands (it seems) of automobiles going 90 mph  you might!  I trust God yet I'd still be in {{panic}} mode!
I'll be saying Good Night now....wiSh I had some fantastic creation [jewelry] to show you but unfortunately I didn't complete anything toDay. [took wierd photos]   AW but the simpLe creations of God in nature make me happy.  This might not be a road map for people, but maybe it's one for the birds ♥ 

*SimpLe CreaTiViTy*

It's afterNoon & I'm wonDering where the day has gone.  I'm organizing to string a few beads.   It's time to be creaTive.  HaVe you notiCed the colors this year?  AnyThing goes it seems!!  Of courSe I'm ready for a little coLor in my liFe ♥ I'm partial to natural colors but I aLSo enJOY miXing coLor & texTure.
I like odd shapes too! Balls are OK, but I've gotta get wacKy every now & then.  [like this simpLe braceLet]
*U*niQue is the word ♥ for this simpLe alTered scrabbleTile pendant on a cord.

 The soLution to my simpLe CreaTiVity ~~a little color ♥ few odd shapes ♥ be mySeLf [*U*nique]~~
The birdhouSes that we buiLt uSing stuff that I've accumulated thru the years [nothing fanSy] is another exampLe of me being creaTiVe. 
Gathering bits & pieCes or beads & finDings to create a one-of-a-kind is my way of spenDing a happy simpLe afternoon.  What's your iDea of a simpLe afternoon?  Time is valuable & *U*nique stuff can also be

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Being *noticed*

It's that time to say Good Night Y'all~~I was sitting here thinking of my son who'll be camping for the neXt several days when I ran across this pic that I took while we were camping 2 years ago.  I had just gotten a new camera & spotted this *OwL* way up in the trees.  I don't know how many times it took before I was able to focus correctly.  I was pleasantly surprised that it stayed put as long as it did.

Finally I focused in pretty well & was able to snap this shot & was very pleased with mySelf

Then  it L@@Ked directLy at me {{{{{panic}}}}} I automatically clicked & was able to capture the moment.   I wonder why I flinched at the sight (thru the lense) of theSe beady eyes.  And why did it suddenLy look right at me?  That's a little wierd ~if you ask me. There was such a vast disTanCe between us.  Yet someHow it *noTiced* me! 
It's been one of thoSe uneaSy days here, but I can honestLy say I'm going to bed feeLing at peaCe.  I'm reminded again that I'm being *noTiced*  The eyes of God are on me & He's taKing care of all that conCerns me ♥ & all that conCerns you too.  He really does GIVE A HOOT about us ♥♥♥

ViSuaL AiD

                              I just had to share these *LETTERS* I'm fasinated with the deSigner of this site because it makes SIGNS a real live work of art.  Of course I like the *U*nique stuff & this sure is.  Hope everyOne is enJOYing this beautiful Day.  I'm gonna be inSide finishing some ATCs to swap.  I'd loVe to know how you feel about these letters or simpLy how your day is going.  Feel free to comment--OK?  I find mySelf trying to viSion where theSe *LETTERS* were actually photographed--Ha! -- I could maKe a sign a day from now on--{{{{{{giggle}}}}}

Letters are cool

Good Morning Y'aLL~~I'm in a ruSh [as usual] but wanted to greet everyOne.  This has become a *good*morning habit for me.  HaVe you noTiced the letters used at the top to say "I deSign with joy"?  I think they're the coolest!  They CHANGE almost daily.....Check it out!  AlSo I've put some at the bottom of my Blog --- Can't help mySeLf --see ya later  The site is : http://www.mycoolsigns.net/ if you're interested ♥

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm TraVeLing LiTe ToDay

Good Morning Y'aLL~~toDay is one of thoSe days when I really have no pLans.  I just know that there are many projeCts here that need finiShing. [outSide & inSide] This little friend of mine doesn't have knowLedge of pLans [I doubt] just gets the daily routine done eaCh & every Day!  God seems to take caRe of all that conCerns these feathery friends ~~ He'll do the same for me ♥ Right? ♥ And for *U* too! ♥
I don't see any caLendar or sticky notes attached to feathers~~do you?  Yet all is taKen care of daily ♥ not a care in the worLd~~they're out & about & all is proVided~~inStinctiVeLy they find what's been proVided.

I don't think they carry maps either~~don't eVen think they aCt like they're in foreign territory! [unLike me when I traVel with a GPS] They conTinuouSly go about their daiLy rounTine unHinDered & ♥trusting♥

ToDay I'm kinDa like them~~traVeling light~~letting God handLe things ♥

Saturday, March 19, 2011