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Monday, March 14, 2011

Minor Addition brings *Happiness*

Good AfterNoon~~some days just dont go as planned.  I should Know better than to plan or try to keep a scheduLe cuzz plans usually don't follow thru perfectly & a scheduLe is not eaSy for me   [I'm not as organized  as I should be]  AnyWay, now that I'm here (finally) I'm gonna share a WORD with Y'all~ok?
ToDay the rain brought me muCh *Happiness* by washing the yellow pollen off my truck.  I don't usually park outSide, but my son [whose truck you see beHind mine] has stuff in the carport preVenting me from pulling all the way in.  I'd normally be upSet with him for leaVing a mess but toDay he (accidentLy) brought me *Happiness* because withOut his stuff in my way I'd be parked unDer carport & my truck would still be yeLLow.   ♥Amazing what couLd maKe you happy if you think about it!!♥
See that dead tree????  I don't see it so muCh now because of the bradford pear tree being in bloom!!  Concentrating on the beauty of the one (live) tree cauSes muCh *Happiness* in my life compared to seeing the dead tree.  Of courSe the dead tree [thru my eyes; in my opinion] is a pieCe of art anyway & adds character to the front yard. So, the dead one & the live one make me happy. I'm *U*nique & so is my yard!!
*Happiness* is noticing my granddaughter thinks in the same poSition I do [yep, finger in mouth]

 *Happiness* is haVing sweet cLoeCane LoVe me eVen on a bad hair day ♥ She doesn't care if I don't taKe the time to cut her bangs....[she's happier when I don't-Ha!]

Guess you've noTiced it doesn't taKe muCh to bring *Happiness* into my life...It's the small minor deTails added up that maKe me happy...eVen on a rainy, dreary day like toDay ♥ 

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