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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wet ♥ Windy ♥ Wakening!

Good Morning Y'all ♥  I heard the wind blowing as I woKe to the licks of CloeCane [our yorKie AKA *SQUIRT* (as my husband someTimes calls her)] She wakes me up every morning then she goes back to sLeep!  That's not fair, but that's just how it is.  He nicNamed her Squirt because she was so small when we brought her home [espeCially compared to SassyLou our other lil girl (dog)]  When I found this old bottleCap I thought it would make a cute necklace....
This is the inSide of the bottleCap~~had to be girLie in Cloe's honor.  You might try this yourSelf .  Be careful as you punch a hole for the jumpring & then *VoiLa* you'll have a pendant!!

I stretched my imagination some by deSigning a doggieBone bracelet with a game pieCe & aLso deSigned a pendant to match with a domino.  Every girL needs some doggie jewelry~don't you think?

I'm a trUe beLieVer in being *U*nique~~~BEEing *U*rSelF~~~ToDay I plan to deSign a charm for Swap-bot partner.  Wonder what I could do with a ScrabbleTiLe for her?  The wind is still blowing & we might have T-sTorms toDay, so Y'all be saFe~~~stay in & deSign some jewelry or conTact me & I'll sell you some ♥  just maKe sure & enJOY this day.   

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Marilyn [amafriend] said...

All Jewelery is for saLe