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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Good Morning Y'all ♥  This is Madisyn [my granddaughter].  When I sit in the mornings to put my thoughts in writing, I notiCed that [someTimes] this is my poSition. I'm not sure why my *finger* ends up in my mouth whiLe thinKing.  Maybe it heLps [I don't know] AnyWay this morning I have not yet looked at the TV thereFore don't know yet what is going on about the devastations of yesterday.  I trust God is anSwering the prayer that is going on all oVer the worLd concerning this. Our *eyes* should definitely be on our HeaVenLy Father right now & aLways. WE are seeing tragic stuff happening everyWhere. There are [what I call minor proBlems & then there are maJor proBlems] surrounding us all at home & far aWay in disTant lands.
                                         Yet there is BEAUTY & PEACE also for us to enJOY.   
As my little friends here [have food & drink] daily ♥ they can go about their daily routine knowing that someHow, someWay they're gonna be proVided for tomorrow.  [maybe beCause they've come thru yesterDay & are OK again toDay] That's how I'm feeLing toDay.  As I go about my daily rountine I know I maDe it thru yesterDay &I'm OK toDay & someHow, someWay I'm gonna be proVided for tomorrow ♥ 
Thank God for all His bleSSings ~~[large & small]~~

BTW/ my little friends have a roof oVer their head too!!  They aren't particular either.  In fact they trade houses every now & then.  Just so they all haVe sheLter.  Isn't that aweSome?  I watch as they gather & make their house cozy & warm for their families.  They really do care about eaCh other.  It doesn't seem to matter if one's houSe is bigger or fancier than the others~~~just so they are comfortabLe!  [this giVes me more to *think* about~~~how about you?  -----------------.>>>>>>>>>>>[I'm comfortable] Ha!

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