I deSign with JOY

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do & unDo & reDo

Good eVening Y'all~~deCided to deSign a charm neckLace toDay & onCe I got it compLete I took it apart.  Has anyOne out there eVer done that or am I the onLy one?  So ♥ as you can see ♥  it's all there waiting for me!  THIS time I'm gonna do it differentLy & I'll show you what I come up with later.  I would love to know about your experienCe at Doing & unDoing & reDoing.......


Julia said...

Hoping we get to see the finished product :)

Marilyn [amafriend] said...

JuLia ~~ it's still a work in progress! Didn't get a chance to finiSh toDay but I hope to tomorrow!! How haVe you been?