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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Round & Round ♥ Head Start

Good Morning ♥ Can you beLieve it's March aLready?  Seems like just yesterday There were ♥s everyWhere preParing for ValenTine's Day.  Now, I guess we're gonna be seeing rabbits!  I go round & round in my mind about what I'm going to get done for my granddaughter & by the time I deCide  it takes round the cLock crafting.  OnCe I get started I think I have to do this & do that.  Why can't I just go shopping & look around & buy someThing already made?  How about Y'all~will you be crafting this Easter?
This is how I began last year...
Then a canDy jar ♥
She had to haVe a counTry rabbit ♥

Eventually I got theSe finished.  [pLus lots more] that I'll show you this afternoon.  For now it's coFFeeTime again & I'm late again!!  Oh well, how's your day going so far?

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