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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Can you guess??"

Good Evening Y'aLL~~I've been working on this ATC this afternoon..I've enJOYed mySelf  ♥  I choSe to stay inSide to continue re-cooping from chopping the tree down (Saturday) [Ha!] 
I bet you can't tell yet what the theme is for this ATC swap. " Can you guess???" 
How about now???
Should be easy now!!
Here it is~*Easter ATC (non-reLigious) NewBie FriendLy*  
 [now if you'll scroll up you can see the proCess from beginning to end] 
R=rabbit / E=eggs / S=Shaye  Add them toGether spells ATC {{{{giggle}}}}
I read that my partner [Shaye] likes rustic & vintage ~~this is what I've come up with.  Hope she likes it~~"What do you think about it?" Even I have opinions ♥ [too many of them!
Easter is an aweSome holiday & I choose to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.  I still have rabbits as decorations & hide eggs for my granddaughter.   "What do you think about it?"

I enJOY having the eggs hid & an empty basKet waiting for her.  She aLways finds them all [with a little help from her Gramma]    
BTW/ an *ATC* is an [altered trading card].  Swap-bot is *egg*citing this time of year!

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Julia said...

Very cute! I just love ATC's! They are such a convenient thing to steal a moment for a quick spurt of creative energy.