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Monday, March 7, 2011

Way back when ♥

I deCided to share this pic with the little girl pictured this morning.  Of courSe she's grown up now!!  When I found it, it brought back memories of a time way back when....That's my husband [way back then] Life & our surroundings are very different now.  Lots of water under the bridge [so to speak]
Many dreams have come true sinCe that time~many more still waiting to be fulfilled.  Each day passes & I know God's Plan is unfolding for us all.  We might not see it, but He has it in moTion. 
I Like telling stories thru my jewelry pics so I'll use this one to say "*BeLieve*ing leads to Seeing"  It might take awhile ♥ but you can't stop mid-stream.  Like when the first pic was taken, we couldn't see her all grown up but believed she would [& she did] I know this sounds wierd but I guess I need reminding [this morning] that there are better days aComing! 

We're all on this JOURNEY together.  People cross our paths everyday.  There's always a reason that we might know & recognize or we simply cant see the reason yet.  Be aware of those around you--OK?  ReaCh out to those you see are in need.  [yours just might be the smile they need toDay]  
 We have *way back when**dreams**Believing till you see* on this *journey* called LIFE. God is good♥

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Julia said...

I love your quote, "Believing leads to Seeing". So true. From a glance at first picture before I started reading I thought that you had created a "prompt jar" for journaling. That would be a great way to use your Dream pendant.