I deSign with JOY

Monday, February 28, 2011

RefuSe to be disCouraged!

Good afternoon [or should I say Good Evening]  Events of the afternoon are trying to make me *bLue* but I can't let stuff stress me out!!  I beLieve [in the long run] all things will work out for the beSt.  My afternoon scheldule didn't turn out like I anticipated it would.  I REALLY WANTED TO STRING SOME BEADS!

I'm determined to find *JOY* in the trials of this life.  My frustrations are focused on what's happening in the worLd around me. God's Plan is in moTion & I await His Plan with *JOY* in my heart!

I'm gonna faCe tomorrow with a sparKle in my eye--->>>> [eVeryThing will be bright & shiney!]  I've much to be thankFul for & I purPose to beGin the month of March on a happy noTe!!  There are better days a*Comin!  I'd like to remind you that all the jewelry you see is for saLe.  I'd love to have you comment on them or anything eLse you'd like to say.  I'd love for you to follow my Blog & maybe we can enCourage eaCh other now & then. 

FirSt Things FirSt ♥

Good Morning ♥ ToDay is one of those days [again] when I wish there were 2 of me.  I could get so much more done!  Do you have mornings when your mind races & you don't know what to do first?  I have a lot of days like that.   First things first--that's where I start--or is it really!
Instead of getting that load of laundry done, [which should come first this morning] I'm going to my friend's[Vonda] house to have coffee.  She always serves me breakfast [Shirley too if she's there] So first comes **coffee!**I've had my morning conversation with Jesus & He's gonna take care of ALL proBlems that might come up toDay so I'm confident this day will be wonDerFul ♥ Hope yours is too! I would loVe to know about your day---leaVe comments!  I'll be back later ♥

Sunday, February 27, 2011

OMGosh! Gumbo!

I just had to come back & put in writing that my son is cooking some good ole *cajun gumbo*!!  We're all jumping for JOY around here!!  It's a beautiful, cool day & just the appropriate time to be having gumbo. 
Yesterday many folKs were celebrating MarDiGras.  Back in our home town gumBo was being made to add to the celebration.  Some of my friends [Sue V.] were out on their HarLey DaViDsons.  WonDer if they got any gumBo. They probably did--& they probably caught the chicken to put in it!  (I'm remembering thoSe days of long ago!]

I don't have to hope our gumBo will be as good as theirs ♥♥♥ I know ours will be better!!  I do *HOPE* Y'all have a great day--whatEver you're cooking!

PeaCe & Quiet & coFFeeTime

Good Morning Y'all [IDK who Yall are but still] It's so niCe already.  I'm waiting on the coffeePot to stop making noise then I'll know the coffee's ready.  Thank God for gettting us thru the night HUH?  I'm exCited to eXperienCe what He has in moTion for me toDay.  How about you?  WiSh you were here to share the pot ♥ MayBe tomorrow.  This is an altered domino [for saLe]. Comment if you're interested.  enJOY the morning♥

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can't help mySelf

As nighTtime comes upon me, I'm reMinded of the reLaXing trips to the briDge we took a couple of years ago.  I reCently joined Swap-bot & was challenged with maKing *inchies*.  First of all I had to find out what they were.  They are 1"x1" pieces of cardStock [of courSe].  These are my first attempt at *inchies* sent off to my swap partner.  If you have a love for scrapBooking & just ***Can't help yourSelf*** [like me] you should consider joining at http://www.swap-bot.com/  There you'll come in contact with many like us who have a passion for creating!  I now can't wait to check my mailBox daily to see what has arrived ♥ swapping can be addicting~~~so can scrapping!  BTW// my swap partner really liked her *inchies*

Shades of *green* eVeryWhere

Good afterNoon Y'all.  I'm beginning to see bits of green leaVes popping out everyWhere.  That tells me that it's time to be working out in the yard.  I'm so torn betWeen getting stuff done inSide & stuff outSide.  ToDay I'll be inSide♥  Seeing the sunShine for a few hours toDay has been refreshing.
HaVe you eVer noTiced how many different greens there are?  I love them all & I can't help but inClude the different greens in my jewelry.  This time of year, I really noTice when everyThing seems to be coming aLive again after the winter months.

Are you as happy as I am about the seaSon changing?  After the green leaves exPose themselves a little more we'll see a lot more colors unDer God's blue shy!  I simPly wiSh I could be in 2 pLaces at onCe so I could deSign jewelry & scrapbook inSide & be outSide to enjoy the green grass & everyThing eLse colorFul out there!!
All the jewlery you see here is for saLe---->>>>>just leave me a comment, OK?

Friday, February 25, 2011

ThanK God for *MemoRieS*

The key to any good day that's seemingLy not going as well as eXpected is to concentrate on a *Memory* that you've treasured within your heart forEver. Memories can be the only link to happiness that we can muster up someTimes.  I do remember, as I deSigned this neckLace,  thinking "I wiSh I could find all mama's oLd keys"  She never threw anything away!! [I'm the same way]  Life [to me] is such a mixTure that I decided to mixUp copper letter [[M]] with a wooden scrabbleTile with a golden key [[Memory]] with a chain & ribbon--[whoEver heard??]  Here it is!!!  The scrabble tile [[M]] is hanging on a (keyChain thingy) & I altered it by putting a dictionary definition [memoir] on it. In fact I got the definition from my mom's old dictionary--[she would not be happy about that].  This neckLace is for sale ($22)---& my wiSh for whoEver gets it is **May all your memories be sPeCial** 

I've been NesTing

Well here it is --juSt like I promiSed.  Funny but true = "I know where almost everyThing is." I almost deCided to orGaniZe it all for you but then I wouldn't be true to who I really am.  I've neGlected to show you my deSk--[it's there on the left] but it looks very much like the work table.  Of courSe I could show you my inspiration wall, but that will come later.  ToDay I'll be starting some Scripture memory cards to swap.  I'm anXious to deSign a new pieCe of jewelry, but it'll have to wait a day or 2.  I'll catch up with mySelf  later & I'll let you know what I find

Thursday, February 24, 2011

taKing up wheRe I onCe started

I find myself sitting here onCe again after oVer a year.  Of course I've been in this room but not for the same reaSons as beFore.  BeCause I onCe spent too much time here, I Could 't make mySelf sit here eVen for a little while.  I guess it's called burn out!  I'm reCovered!!  I'll be taKing up where I left off ♥ and I'm again exCited!!!  I'll be showing Y'all a pic of what it looks like in here right now--*shoCk*--then I'll begin speaking up daily about all the jewelry & stuff I've deSigned.