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Sunday, March 6, 2011

*Need to be Worn*

Good Morning Y'all!!  It's really cold here [for me anyway]  I'm waiting on the coffee pot to finish gurgaling  ((((giggLe))))  I'll be finishing some jewelry toDay & while getting prepared I ran across this altered domino.  This is one of the first I deSigned & I think it's very pretty but it's not soLd [teary eyed]  (((giggle)))
I love these purple beads too [boo hoo hoo] I still have this bracelet. (((giggle)))

And when I did this one, I thought it would sell immediately (((giggle))) I still have it too! Oh well, live & learn. Meanwhile ~These are still for saLe. This would look great on you [ while cheering LSU] 
Altering dominoes is what I enjoy.  I'm on to new stuff now [in addition to dominoes] therefore I'd loVe to see these worn by someOne who thinks outSide the box like me ♥ None of the things today have told you a story or matched in any way exCept they all need a beautiful woman to wear them.

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