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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Grey's OK but NO Grey here!

Good Afternoon Y'aLL~~I finally got around to finishing this necklace after taking it all apart 3 or 4 times.  I really wanted to put a lot of stuff on this one & spent a few hours making some dangles with beads & other charms.  FrusTraTion took oVer!!!So, I backed off & thought a while ~~came to the conclusion that *less is more* in this caSe.  It wasn't black & white for me at first cuzz I had all these ideas floating around in my brain & wanted to put them all into this ONE pieCe of jewlery. I began to feel like there would be no more CHARM in this CHARM necklace if you couldn't see the CHARMS. [make senSe?]
This  is the backSide of the CHARMS & as you can see the necklace can be worn either way.  [2 for 1]
The *U* is [of course] for *U*nique & the *Q* is for Queen.  Guess you noTiCed that the chains are different~~well that's because I am different!  That's what *aLteReD-eTc is all about >being *U*nique]<
All the CHARMS are made with odd objects. [scrabble tiles, bottle caps, metal letters & a gamepieCe.]  Both sides of the gamepieCes are altered & sealed.  I beLieVe it will be fun to wear!!! [eye catcher for sure]
If you're interested in any of the jewelry you see in by BLog,"pLeaSe leave a commen"  I sell from my home & reLy on Y'aLL to pass the word...
I aLways enJOY using game pieCes etc. in what I do.  Here you can see [a lil blurry, sorry] some gamepieCes I altered to spell my granddaughter's name.  Each letter I made into a magnet so she could put them on the fridge.  I'd love to spell a name for you too!!  LeaVe a comment if you're interested! Life is kinda a mix -- some things are BLACK & WHITE [as the saying goes] but there are shades of gray too.  It's up to us as individuals to deCide what is right for us!!  Hope you're enJOYing your journey!


Julia said...

Love the Black & White themes!

Marilyn [amafriend] said...

Thanks Julia~~I love them too! How are ya?