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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

♥LoVe going Round & Round ♥

This evening I'm a bit worn out.  Not only did I go round & round in my mind about crafting for Madi toDay,  but I aLSo went round & round at CurVes! I found out that I can still do it, but it'll taKe a few more rounds beFore I can do it withOut feeling my aGe! I deCided to pay onLy one month [to maKe sure I was still abLe] & the niCe laDy offered me a FREE week ♥ "Did she think I couldn't do it?" Nah, she was just being niCe. Can't wait till tomorrow--->>>>Ha! Want to join me?
May I  reMind Y'all that we are eaCh *U*nique ~
 Bee *U*rSeLf ~ Bee *U*
[-yu-nik'] onLy one of it's kind. Being withOut eQual.  Rare. 
Good Night ♥ 

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