I deSign with JOY

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pLans pLus

                   Good Morning from the deSk of a sLeepy woman!  Ha!  This is where I am right now--
                                                 This is where I'm gonna spend the day. 
This is what I will faCe in front of me~~you'd be surprised of the outcome!  I have a pLan but you all know what couLd happen to a pLan.  I've added to this mixture of stuff sinCe the picture & pLan to deSign today.
beFore I get started I'm gonna go haVe coFFeeTime with friends.  I en*JOY* going every morning to see how everyOne is.  From there I'm headed to CurVes.  [did I tell you I was giVen a FREE month?] eVen if my pLan for toDay doeSn't totally work out, I'm still full of *HAPPINESS* from yesterDay.  [just gonna keep adding up the minor stuff >coFFee + friends + time to en*JOY* + exerCise + home to my *Honey*    

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Anonymous said...

CoFFee hit the spot this morning ♥ ChitChat with friends & famiLy is the beSt way to share a pot of coFFee!! Marilyn [amafriend]