I deSign with JOY

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


DeCided to go sit on the back porCh [after tending to paperWork all afternoon]  LittLe did I reaLize I was was being bitten by teeny~tiny mosquitos.  Now I type & scratch!!
TyTy is doing well~~seems to be waiting patientLy for a birDie {{to bark}} at it.

This birDie seems to be on *watach*
Wonder what this one is thinKing.  Maybe it's on the l@@kout  too or just getting a bit of freSh air ♥ 

It's very caLm back here this evening.
This one seems to be a bit puzzled. HUH?
CloeCane is stanDing guard!!!

Last but not least is this little fella~~~He's got a lot of food stashed around this tree so I imagine he's about to have supper.
ALL IS WELL on the outSide & now it's time to go inSide~~GOOD NIGHT ♥


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