I deSign with JOY

Thursday, March 31, 2011

See what I see???

*L@@K what I SEE*
I accidentLy clicked on the picture in my Blogs & disCovered they enLarge!  Clicking again onLY made them enLarge more!  WOW!  Every tiny deTaiL is eXpoSed.  Try it~~OK?
Now I can see my feathery friends upCLoSe~~I'm going check out other pics to see what I can see~~
For an eXampLe~~~cLick on this pic & tell me what you see ♥♥♥  HaVe a great Day ♥♥♥


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

oh, my gosh! i never knew that when you clicked the second time it would make it bigger!! love your photos and the 'live' sign!! thank you for teaching me something today!! blessings ~ tanna

Marilyn [amafriend] said...

Tanna, isn't it fantastic to see the deTails? Wonder if you're the onLy one to see the *live* sign? Ha! Thanks for checking out my post ♥