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Sunday, March 13, 2011

An enCouraging Look back

Good Morning Y'all~~what a beautiful day to waKe up & move the clock forward!  I, on the otherHand was thinKing back this morning to a couple of years ago.  This is one of thoSe BLogs I wrote back then--->>>

Jul 28, 2009
Sometimes I am compelled to just take the time to sit and put my thoughts down (so I can go back and remind myself what I was thinkin)--lol
LiFe for me has changed recently (those who know me, know I don't particularly care for change) ~~yet I seem to be handling what's going on around me & *withIN* me. A neighbor (FrIeNd) said this morning "It's in ~~God's~~ timing" and she is SO RIGHT!
So on this day~~July 28th, 2009~~I continue to be Grateful beyond words for my Heavenly Father taking care of *EVERYTHING* that concerns me!!!! Not everyone understands~~some people say all the wrong things (unaware or inconsiderately) Some people simply don't take the time to *C* the surroundings and evaluate how they could *HELP*~~~ we are all living together in this messy world of today-- all of us approaching it differently (yet we're all hoping for the *BEST*. It's time we do unto others as we would have others do unto us~~don't *U* think??? It's not time to complain & only be concerned about "SELF". I personally am seeKING the little episodes showing me that EVERTHING IS GONNA BE ALL-RIGHT!!God ultimately knows what He's doing and all this mess isn't a shock to Him ~therefore I trust in Him and am so thankful that the people He plans to use in my LiFe are willing!!!
All & All LiFe is good right now & I am content!! I wake to find that I have another day to enJOY~~~I slip up every now & then though---don't we all???<<<<<<------------
                                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The first sentence says a whoLe lot huh?  That's exactLy what I'm doing again toDay!! 

[So, on this day~~March 13, 2011]~~ I continue to be Grateful beyond words for my Heavenly Father taking care of *EVERYTHING* that concerns me!!!!
I could simply repeat everyThing I wrote that day & still feel the same way. 
EVERYTHING is gonna be all-right!  We haVe come this far ♥ been proVided for ♥ Here's another Blog from the past------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

LiFe LeSSonS LaTeLy
Well here I go again ~~~~
A couple of nights ago I broke my little toe & it really really hurts!! The most aggravating part of the whole *EvEnT* is NOT being able to get around like I'd want to. I don't even enJOY being able to relax~~LOL~~because stuff needs to get DONE !!!!
I believe everything happens for a reason and I'm sure there is one attached to this particular *EvEnT* but I don't know what it is-YET-
I'm leary of guessing what it could be--LOL ---maybe I should wear shoes at all times -- maybe I shouldn't walk around in the dark -- maybe I needed to wear one of the 20 pair of flip flops I have -- maybe I needed to be waited on (??????) -- maybe I just need to take that IRON fireplace grill out of my room (especially since I don't have a fireplace)!!!!
I do admit I could remove some stuff from this house, but NOT WITH A BROKE TOE!!
enJOYing each day~~Despite these *EvEnTs* (which seem to interupt life's routine) has become a priority for me. "This is the DAY the LORD has made and I WILL reJoice and be glad in it!!" There are far too many wonderful *EvEnTs* to spoil the whole day~RiGhT ???
I can sit and see all the birds and the wild rabbit feeding in the back yard---and our big dogs enJOYing their sections of the back yard. I can sit and put talents to good use. I can sit and chat on the phone -- I can sit and reflect on how we're being provided for daily. I can sit and read a good book. I can sit and browse Myspace (LOL)-- I can sit and know tomorrow will come with *brand new blessings* Who knows what the next *EvEnT* will be and how it will affect my life for the GOoD !! I might sell some jewelry today !!

To my surprise  my son commented;

I have to comment on this blog, not just because your my mother, not because I think we have things in common, but because I BELIEVE that someone has a SPECIAL plan for the both of us. You see mother, everytime I read a certain story or "blog" of yours, it's so easy for me to relate it to one of my own Events. But thats not why I am commenting, for some unknown reason you always have a way of saying things, in words, that open peoples hearts and eyes. There has been times in the past when something has went wrong within what I call now,"My Family...lol", and I sit and explain things that need the explaning. At times, I don't know what to say, I never know where the words come from, and times I even make a believer out of myself while I am explaining. Even though it takes time for things to play out in actuallality, plans have been made for each and every one of us, and even though I don't say it to often, there is that special persons hand that has touched us special people in this world and I believe they all have special plans for the future. So sit back and take a breather, let others wait on you, enjoy the wonderful bird house (that I built..lol), birds cherping, dogs barking, and the fan blowing (hot-air), knowing that the end of all the hassell is near. Sorry to hear about your little toe, but listening to you set the scene fro me last night was funny, just because I knew you were alright. Hopefully you feel better today as I do, and last time I checked, you worked sitting down just like I do, so don't stop working keep it up. You have Jewelry to make and orders to fill.
I don't know about you, but I feel better now by just taking those few simple moments to express my feelings, you are doing a wonderful job!
2 years ago<<<<<<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"This has been a lot for you to read [I'm sure] Don't even know if anyOne will read this, but *I* like my son said "feel better now by just taking those few simple moments to express my feelings"  WE ARE BEING TAKEN CARE OF & ARE ENJOYING EACH DAY!!!
Our situation is the same tho...husband & I waiting on our FAITHFUL GOD's Will for our life to bring us into the wonDerFul future He has planned for us. 

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