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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"The *road* to success?" is the first thought I had when I loaded this picture.  [funny huh?]
My goal with this post is to remind Y'aLL that all the jewelry you see posted in my Blog is deSigned & handmade by me with stuff that I've gathered for years. 

L@@King back you'll see that everyThing is one-of-a-kind & ranges from neutrals to CoLorFuL~~all *U*nique tho!  It's all FOR SALE~~I'd be happy to anSwer any questions~~you can comment or email me for all the details.  Thanks so muCh ♥♥♥
This is an altered scrabbleTiLe *charm* *penDant* *wHateVer* you deCide it should be.  Wish I had a braceLet full--Ha!  Maybe I'll get started on that beTween everyThing eLse I'm doing~[yea right]~
I aLso wanted to keep you upDated about my little friends in the back yard.  They're buSy about their daiLy routines as usual.  I enJOY watching as they casually come with a tiny treasure in their beek [ready to fly into their home] when all of a sudden they land nearby.  I suspect they hear someThing strange or see someThing out of order so they make the deCison to perCh & watch till the coast is cLear.  They're protecting their neSt!  {what's in the nest to be exact}  They're maKing sure that their young successfuly leaVe home.
"The *road* to success?" [funny huh?]

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