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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Being *noticed*

It's that time to say Good Night Y'all~~I was sitting here thinking of my son who'll be camping for the neXt several days when I ran across this pic that I took while we were camping 2 years ago.  I had just gotten a new camera & spotted this *OwL* way up in the trees.  I don't know how many times it took before I was able to focus correctly.  I was pleasantly surprised that it stayed put as long as it did.

Finally I focused in pretty well & was able to snap this shot & was very pleased with mySelf

Then  it L@@Ked directLy at me {{{{{panic}}}}} I automatically clicked & was able to capture the moment.   I wonder why I flinched at the sight (thru the lense) of theSe beady eyes.  And why did it suddenLy look right at me?  That's a little wierd ~if you ask me. There was such a vast disTanCe between us.  Yet someHow it *noTiced* me! 
It's been one of thoSe uneaSy days here, but I can honestLy say I'm going to bed feeLing at peaCe.  I'm reminded again that I'm being *noTiced*  The eyes of God are on me & He's taKing care of all that conCerns me ♥ & all that conCerns you too.  He really does GIVE A HOOT about us ♥♥♥

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Anonymous said...

How awesome are these photos of the owl!! We can hear them here at night, but they're so invisible we've yet to actually see one. He's just magnificent!

Aren't moments like this when the timing is just right so wonderful??