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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

L@@K Hard or You'll byPass it!

Good Afternoon Y'aLL~~I just had to share this picture with all of you out there who can't find anyThing to smile about!!  I almost got hit from beHind taking this picture the other day.  Just as I crossed the railroad tracks I spotted this *Beautiful LoneLy FloWering Tree*.  I quickly reached for my phone ♥ cLicked as I was being HORNED at. GOT IT!!  "Do you see what I see?"  I see *HOPE* (life) in the mist of a dirty, trashy, surrounding.  My focus was on the *tiny* flowers!!!!  What a gift that is because I don't want to be the person that always sees gloom & doom.  That doesn't make a situation better, it onLy makes the perSon more miserable. I hope you see what I see ♥ There is *HOPE* surrounding us~juSt L@@K for it!
In this picture do you SEE the old, ugly, dirty, worn out, rusty stuff or do you SEE the jewelry? If you're like me, you probably SEE it all just blending together.[Ha!]That's how I faCe life today knowing there's HOPE ♥ But~the jewelry does stand out to be seen by whoEver L@@Ks hard enough to NoTiCe. 

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