I deSign with JOY

Friday, February 25, 2011

ThanK God for *MemoRieS*

The key to any good day that's seemingLy not going as well as eXpected is to concentrate on a *Memory* that you've treasured within your heart forEver. Memories can be the only link to happiness that we can muster up someTimes.  I do remember, as I deSigned this neckLace,  thinking "I wiSh I could find all mama's oLd keys"  She never threw anything away!! [I'm the same way]  Life [to me] is such a mixTure that I decided to mixUp copper letter [[M]] with a wooden scrabbleTile with a golden key [[Memory]] with a chain & ribbon--[whoEver heard??]  Here it is!!!  The scrabble tile [[M]] is hanging on a (keyChain thingy) & I altered it by putting a dictionary definition [memoir] on it. In fact I got the definition from my mom's old dictionary--[she would not be happy about that].  This neckLace is for sale ($22)---& my wiSh for whoEver gets it is **May all your memories be sPeCial** 

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