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Monday, February 28, 2011

FirSt Things FirSt ♥

Good Morning ♥ ToDay is one of those days [again] when I wish there were 2 of me.  I could get so much more done!  Do you have mornings when your mind races & you don't know what to do first?  I have a lot of days like that.   First things first--that's where I start--or is it really!
Instead of getting that load of laundry done, [which should come first this morning] I'm going to my friend's[Vonda] house to have coffee.  She always serves me breakfast [Shirley too if she's there] So first comes **coffee!**I've had my morning conversation with Jesus & He's gonna take care of ALL proBlems that might come up toDay so I'm confident this day will be wonDerFul ♥ Hope yours is too! I would loVe to know about your day---leaVe comments!  I'll be back later ♥

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