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Saturday, April 2, 2011

*EGG*citing Surprise Visitor

Good Evening Y'aLL ~~ I should be getting some reSt but here I am thinking of a question asked on a *giveaway* about "chickie or rabbit?" I'm a rabbit kinda gal.  I have rabbits year round...Here's one that I'll be putting some eggs in soon.  Still don't know why~Ha!~ [rabbits don't lay eggs!]  There's some moss already~~[a little freshening up will make all the difference] & it'll be ready for Easter.
Here's another one that sits out on the front porch year round.  OnCe I plant a pretty flower in the old crock, it'll seem more like EasterTime. 
And yes this one is aLiVe !!  I think this is the 3rd year that it comes to eat in our back yard.  I took pictures toDay at my back door~didn't dare open the door for fear it would hop away.
I thought it was gonna go unDer TyTy's pen, but~~~

suddenLy it turned & began to eat!  I was thrilled & happy that I could keep the camera still enuff.

Moments like this don't come often enuff! [for me anyway]  I  don't ever  have my camera cLose by.
This is so sweet!! {{{{smiLes}}}}

"I'm holding my breathe--don't dare move cuzz then I won't be able to focus the camera."  ZOOM----.>>>

Like I said "I'm a rabbit kinda gal"  This furry friend was a niCe surprise toDay.
WonDer who will come to visit tomorrow??
All God's creatures are weLcome ♥
eVen *U*

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