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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colorful Day Ahead-->>>

Good Morning YaLL~~aren't these babies adorabLe???
L@@King at this picture really maDe me smiLe.  They are part of a resCue called *SweetPups* [very appropriate name~don't you think?]  Dogs are being killed before their life even begins or  [bless their heats] ended after much abuse or negLect.  They need *forever homes*  The photographer did a fatastic job ♥

This picture is my inspiration of the day~~[not the puppies~Ha!] I'd love to have them but we have enuff with the ones we have right now.  Maybe someDay we'll  consider adopting more. I'm talking about the colors & the flowers & the happy feeling I get when  L@@king at the picture. 
I pLan to be creative today ♥ "What are you pLanning?" 


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