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Friday, April 8, 2011

Dusting Memory LaNe is *egg*hausting

You just can't imagine the memories held in this cabinet!!  Some things actually belonged to my mom & Aunts~~the other stuff I've found here & there. I love seeing this stuff because I think of thoSe people it belonged to or the experienCe of finding it [the hunt for us collectors is like feeding an addiction-Ha!] I haven't bought anyThing in 2 years ~"Do you think I'm still an addict???"~ HUMM~PROBABLY ♥

♥~Please exCuse the layer of dust~♥
My mom used to freeze gumbo in that Bama jar [too many years ago to count]~~Bought the Tom's Jar around 24 years ago at a garageSale for $3.00.  The drip coffee pots were my mom's & grandma's.  I collected these coffee cans & a few more myself [we drink a lot of coffee around here so I thought it appropriate to collect cans] Ha!  Love the Maryland Club~[me=Marilyn] 

Dusting is a real chore around here, but a pLeasant one if I approaCh it in the right attitude ♥
I decorate a little different than moSt, but I've deCided that we are all *U*nique therefore this is who I am ♥
The *EGG*ceptional part is *EGG*sploring Memory Lane & getting *EGG*cited about still having the ability to remember it all. Ha! I don't have *EGG*quisite taste, but it's *MY* taste ♥
Hope you can see the beauty in my stuff the way I can.  [it's the DUSTING that's *EGG*hausting]
No (yoke) ♥ I am blessed to be surrounded with *U*nique family heirlooms!  God knows what I need! ♥ 

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looks good,Vonda